About Me

I never really know what to write or say when people ask me about myself, so I usually just waffle on about a load of rubbish. I’ll give a little information about me and what I’m interested in and it should give you a little taste of what’s to come on the blog.

I’m Mark, born in Manchester in the early 90s but have lived in the heart of Cheshire for most of my life. I’m now back in Manchester living my best life. I graduated from the University of Lincoln with a degree in Film and Television and love travelling and exploring new places as do most people so I’m always looking up my next trip.

I’ve worked in education for a while now and I guess that’s where I see myself for the foreseeable future. I’m currently a Learning Support Assistant in a high school. I’ve also worked at an American Summer Camp as a Film Teacher. I still love to make videos so that alleyway will never be completely shut as a career path.

Sport is always around me, and I travel the country supporting my local football team Northwich Victoria. I can’t get enough of the NFL either and you will often find me donning the Orange and Blue of the Denver Broncos.

I guess that’s it: Film, Television, Travel, Sports! Yeah, that’s everything you need to know and I hope you’ll get to know me via this blog, and you can always message me via my contact page or my social media links.